Applied Kinesiology


AK therapy is a holistic approach that uses manual muscle testing as an assessment tool to zero in on the problem. It is a system that evaluates the structural, chemical and emotional components of your health. The appropriate treatment can then be applied to address the patient’s health issues and prevent future problems.

Quantum Neurology


QN therapy is a superior system of neurologic rehabilitation. It utilizes manual muscle testing and low level light therapy to restore connectivity between the brain and the body. This technique allows for the identification and removal of interferences. QN helps patients heal faster and maintain wellness longer. 

Frequency Specific Microcurrent


FSM therapy applies very mild electrical currents to relieve pain throughout the body. These painless frequencies can reduce inflammation and swelling, repair tissue, and reduce pain. FSM increases energy and cell production up to 500% which results in faster healing.

Neuro Emotional Technique


NET therapy is a scientifically validated, mind-body technique which accesses and 're-programs' the subconscious. It provides relief from many behavioral and physical conditions including musculoskeletal complaints, body pains, anxiety, phobias, organ imbalances and many others. 

Auricular Therapy


Auricular Therapy is similar to ear acupuncture--but without needles. This therapeutic intervention involves electrical stimulation of reflex points on the ear’s surface which alleviates health conditions in targeted parts of the body. The outer portion of the ear, the auricle, is a map reflecting your entire body.

Additional Services


Cellular Detox + Ionic Detox Foot Bath

Nutritional Protocols

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