Why you need ReBalance?

Our bodies do an amazing job handling stressors such as food and environmental sensitivities, chemicals and toxins, emotional stress, lack of sleep, health issues and more, however the amount and duration of exposure to these kinds of stressors has an ever-increasing negative health impact if left unaddressed.  Eventually you will experience symptoms which are important indicators that your body is beginning to become overwhelmed and is struggling to maintain your health.

How ReBalance Helps

The ReBalance technique offered at Tree of Life Healing Center, provides an innovative, unique and gentle approach to ReBalancing the body’s stressors and over-reactions, addressing symptoms such as inflammation, food and environmental sensitivities, allergies, asthma, skin irritations, digestive issues and headaches.  This safe and natural solution reminds the brain to process irritants in the healthy, innate way that we were born knowing.  Unfortunately over time and exposed to too many stressors, our brain may become overwhelmed and forgets how to process foods, pollens or toxins efficiently and effectively.  ReBalance is a non-invasive, drug free, non-injection, natural solution to reset food, environmental and other sensitivities.  With over 60 different categories and thousands of individual stressor items, we can reset your body’s level of stress and over-reaction in the areas that you need it most.  

This technique is safe and appropriate for all ages, from infant to seniors.